Hello Edinburgh

At the end of September we moved from Germany back to the UK, specifically to Edinburgh. It’s been a crazy time since late summer, but things are finally settling down.

I’ve taken surprisingly few photos of this amazing city, but here’s a selection of what I have taken. The slightly blurry ones are phone pics taken on my walkabouts 🙂 .

Back view of Edinburgh Tenements by knitahedron

Edinburgh by knitahedron

Entrance to the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh by Áine Ryan

Edinburgh Allotments by Áine Ryan

Edinburgh Castle by Áine Ryan

View from Blackford Hill by Áine Ryan

Arthur's Seat by Áine Ryan

Bollywood Police Box by Áine Ryan

Long December Shadows by Áine Ryan

View of Braid Hills by Áine Ryan

Edinburgh Christmas Market by knitahedron

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