Recipe for Christmas Vanillekipferln

I posted recently about the batches of german christmas biscuits (Plätzchen) that I made this month. I thought I would add a few of the recipes translated into English. First off is Vanillekipferln. The original recipe (in german) is from the women’s magazine Brigitte and can be found here. Vanillekipferln Makes 70 Ingredients 200 g ofContinue reading “Recipe for Christmas Vanillekipferln”

Advent in Germany

My absolute favourite thing about living in Germany so far has got to be Advent. Growing up in Ireland ‘Advent’ existed purely in the religious sense with the exception of our ancient Advent calender which had picture behind the doors, not chocolates! In Germany though, it extends far beyond church services and encompasses a wholeContinue reading “Advent in Germany”