Summertime Sureau

Ok, so the title of the post is more hopeful than anything else. The weather here in our corner of Germany is still far from summery nevermind even springlike, but we’ll get there… 🙂

Sleeveless Sureau by knitahedron

Deer & Doe patterns are just so lovely. A perfect blend of feminine pieces that aren’t too fussy and are easily dressed up or down. I’m pretty late to the Sureau party and you can find so many beautiful interpretations on the Addicts blog (in French) or in the Flickr group.

Since I’m in Germany, I ordered my pattern directly from the Deer & Doe site, and within a day or two this beautiful envelope winged its way from ElĂ©onore’s studio in Paris.

Sureau Pattern Envelope by knitahedron

I couldn’t find a zip with a good colour match so I went with mint for contrast. Zips still remain my nemesis, but yesterday I read (somewhere…) about this free class on Craftsy on zippers. Must watch before my next attempt!

The buttons were originally self-covered, but I nabbed them for my Peter Pan Blouse after I couldn’t find anything suitable for that. I would have preferred if the buttons and zip were closer in colour, but I’m still pleased with the outcome.

Sleeveless Sureau by knitahedron

My original plan was to make the dress with short sleeves, but when I tried it on during construction, I quite liked how it looked sleeveless. The fabric is very light too and I realised it was really going to be a ‘very warm day’ (fingers crossed and thumbs pressed…) dress, and so sleeveless was best.

Just like my Sleeveless Floral Shirt, I chose to face the armholes rather than make binding. Since the decision to go sleeveless happened after constructing the main body of the dress, I now have multiple facings to attach… Next time, if I goes sleeveless again, I’ll face the entire bodice at once.

When I made up the muslin to check the fit, the skirt was a bit too full and puffy for my hips, so I reduced it by pinching 2″ out of the centre of the skirt pieces. It still retains some of the original lines with the gathers whilst being a little more streamlined.

Sleeveless Sureau by knitahedron

The fabric is a very light woven viscose, from an unknown manufacturer, that I bought in my local Karstadt department store. I reinforced the seams with iron-on seam interfacing.

I like how it looks with this mustardy belt, but it’s obviously too loose for the (sucks in tummy…) *just fits* natural waist ;). Also, if I look like a crazy person in the photo below, it’s because I am – I was, um ‘interacting’ with the cat… Sleeveless Sureau by knitahedronThanks for reading! Do please visit Deer & Doe for more gorgeous patterns.

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